Re: [Amel] Anchor Chain 10mm Galv - Source in Turkey

Halidun Karagoz

You can find galvanized chain in almost everywhere in SW Turkey, however they come in a wide spectrum of quality. Hence you should avoid typical small village chandler. You should check reputable chandleries, such as Senturk (across westmarine in Marmaris) or Westmarine itself  (Marmaris - Bodrum, etc) for a high grade chain.  There are dozens of online options, they deliver to where your boat is, but 100m 10mm chain should weight about 250 kgs, so it may be problematic ( , , , etc..)   . If you will be heading towards Izmir, or better yet, Istanbul, you can get very high grade chain directly from the manufacturers.
Hope this helps,
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Subject: [Amel] Anchor Chain 10mm Galv - Source in Turkey


Does anyone have a recommended source for 10mm Galv chain in Turkey? Ours is getting tired and I heard someone talking about the excellent quality of chain made in Turkey.

Any comments will be appreciated.

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