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Hi get the bow thruster out is many times difficult due to rust on the spline inside the motorshaft. Be sure all of the "set screws" are out, spray the tube with a light penetrating oil, put a hose clamp around so when it comes loose you can control it, disconnect the cables, with the unit lowered, push it up by hand and pull it down for all you are worth it will come out.

Installation the lip seal goes on top flat side down one foam ring one top a soft one. Two foam rings out side hard one nearest the hull soft one top. Ea e and grease the spline before installing and oil the outside of the tube push the unit up and put a hose clamp around the tube so it does not fall out, turn the shaft/prop to align the spline. We move the hose clamp down the tube to hold things in place while installing the retaining screws and cables.

That as good as I can do from here good luck.

Regards SM 209 FOR SALE IN Annapolis.

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I am having difficulty removing my bow thruster to service it. It seems well and truly stuck when I try to pull it out of the boat. I have sprayed the tube/motor housing connection with Corrosion Block and other products in the hope that it will free up in a few days, but I suspect the shaft splines may be corroded despite greasing them the last time it was assembled.

Has anyone discovered a way of freeing up the unit without doing any damage? The boat is on the hard (at your last haul out spot Bill & Judy).

Ian Shepherd SM2000 414 Crusader Built 2003 Med

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