Re: [Amel] SM2000 Bow Thruster Removal

Ian Shepherd

Hi Bob,

I was joking when I said lift the foredeck of course! I was just imagining the car jack trying to lift it up as it generated pressure. I hope to start work on the thruster next Saturday when I am back in Cyprus.

As I have filled my thruster with grease instead of oil, it would be possible to do all the servicing without disconnecting from the motor, but I know that if I don't get it apart now and re-grease the splines, then I probably never will. Thanks for the reminder on the neoprene seal. I will have a good look at that too.

On my first SM I built a rubber dam around the entry area to the inside of the boat and fitted drain tubes that connected to the anchor locker drain pipe. This reduced considerably the amount of water ending up under the floor adjacent to the forward heads.

When the thruster arrangement was re-designed following my sinking, the later boats have a watertight compartment for the thruster that drains into the chain locker pipe. End of problem.

I will post my findings when I have dismantled the thruster to see how the grease worked out. Audibly, it seems fine after almost three years of use using grease.

Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader Built 2003

On 17/07/2012 09:20, Bob Parry wrote:
Hi Ian,

I don't know what you have envisaged about the process that was used in
Yalikivak but we DID NOT remove the foredeck. They removed the bow thruster
motor to give room to move at the top of the bow thruster (motor was
dismantled) and the whole thing was supported under the boat push against
the action of the jack. The bow thruster was in the up position and they
jacked the top section upwards, hence the need to remove the motor. We had
the boat for 5 years before we managed to get it fixed. We had tried
everything including the drop method with the only result being
consternation among other people in the boat yard.

We have a rubber seal as well as the foam ones. It is similar to the seals
used in irrigation systems and it has the "open" side down to stop inflow
of water. Ours had become so bad that we had to put a bulge pump in the
bilge outside the forward head. We have since travelled from Turkey to
Brisbane in Australia and had no water come in until the last leg from New
Caledonia. It appears that the seal has suffered some damage. Dare say we
will find out during our next haul out.


Ann and Bob Parry
Nowornot SM#33

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Ian Shepherd<>wrote:


Hi Bo& Ann,

thanks for the info. I will try Bill's drop suggestion first before
trying to lift the foredeck! I presume by seal you mean the foam seals
that go around the shaft? There is a correct way to fit them as I
believe that one side is harder than the other. Can you please remind me
of the correct way round? I would assume that the hard side is glued to
the top and bottom of the hole and the soft side faces down and up? Or
is it the other way round?


Ian SM 414 Crusader Built 2003

On 17/07/2012 00:32, Bob Parry wrote:
We had the same problem on our 1990 Super Maramu. It was finally fixed by
an Englishman and his Turkish assistant in Yalikavak. They removed the
motor to give room at the top and used a hydraulic car jack. The jack was
inside the boat and the Turkish assistant supported the bottom outside
boat. It took a bit of effort but it worked. Whoever serviced it before
bought the boat had put a seal in upside down and the steel rim had
corroded and was holding the fibreglass? tube in a vice-like grip.

Good luck with it.
Ann and Bob Parry
Nowornot SM#33 in Brisbane

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 6:38 AM, sv_crusader<


I am having difficulty removing my bow thruster to service it. It seems
well and truly stuck when I try to pull it out of the boat. I have
the tube/motor housing connection with Corrosion Block and other
in the hope that it will free up in a few days, but I suspect the shaft
splines may be corroded despite greasing them the last time it was

Has anyone discovered a way of freeing up the unit without doing any
damage? The boat is on the hard (at your last haul out spot Bill& Judy).
Ian Shepherd SM2000 414 Crusader Built 2003 Med


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