Quick water heater

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hello Gary, Sorry about the delay, been moving house.
To replace the element or the thermostat you have to get the tank on
deck. To do this drain some of the coolant out of the main engine so
that when you remove the hoses from the engine to the tank the
coolant does not go all over the place. Remove the hoses from the
engine keeping your thumb over the end of one and put one end in the
tray under the engine and let all the coolant in the hose syphon out
before blowing down the hose to really get it all out. Repeat the
process with the two hoses connecting to the plumbing manifold
putting the cold hose under the engine to drain the tank. Release
the two s/s straps securing the tank and move it to a horizontal
position so you can get the end cover off to disconnect the wires
and then take the tank out on deck or ashore before removing the end
plate. This is held on by bolts and there is a plastic seal which
has silicone sealant on it so it is quite hard to prise the end
plate off using two screwdrivers on opposite sides of the end plate.
The plate and the tank are stove enamelled with a glass finish so be
careful. Have a helper handy when you open the tank so that both of
you can quickly scrape off the scale which is very soft but hardens
very quickly as it dries. Some of the scale is out of sight on the
heating coil and you really do have to get the tank out of the
engine room to empty all the scale/sludge out of it and to work on
the end plate etc.. I will post some photos of the fitting in the
SM319 Photo album, page 2. Click on the thumb nails to get large
scale pics.
Unscrewing the nut holding the heating element looks difficult.
There is no reset button but strangely there is a housing for a
separate therostat although the Quick element has its own stat with
no apparent way of bypassing it.
Refitting is ,I hope just a matter of reversing the process but I
won't know until I get the new anode and seals this week.
Good luck with it.

Regards, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319

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