Re: [Amel] 2 diferent types of foam seals used on the bow thruster

Ian Shepherd


I have now checked my stock of spare foam seals. If you look carefully,
two are made of a more dense foam than the third. As you say, the two
denser ones are glued onto the base of the thruster tube, and the less
dense one is glued on the top side of the hole.

Still not sure which is the best way up for the tube to hole in the boat
lip seal. I noticed my spare from Amel does not have a spring in it,
therefore it may work better with the lip facing downwards so that any
surge tightens the seal.

Deniz and Efe say hello. They look forwards to your return.


On 22/07/2012 16:29, Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe wrote:


A close examination of the seals should prove that 1 of the 3 is
different. This is the one that goes inside the boat.

The following I copied from BOW THRUSTER SERVICE by Gary Silver.pdf
which you can download on the Amel Owners website under Files >>

Portion Copied follows:
Remove the inside foam seal and the two foam seals adhered to the
top of the rectangular anti-torque cap of the bow thruster. (These are
held in place by contact cement) Note added by BeBe: the 1 "inside
foam seal" is different from the "two foam seals." Examine the new
foam seals carefully and you will see the difference. The two like
foam seals go together outside and on top of the rectangular
anti-torque cap.

8. To replace the trunk lip seal, remove the two screws and retaining
washers from the top of the bow thruster trunk. Use a screwdriver to
collapse this seal or try carefully prying it out. It is a very loose fit.
a. When installing the new lip seal, pack it with grease, press it
into its recess using RTV to seal it and hold it. Replace the
retaining screws and washers.
9. To remove the prop shaft lip seal you may need a slide hammer and
very tiny screws. It is difficult to drill into this seal without the
drill slipping off and damaging the fiberglass recess, so use a 1/16th
inch drill and drill really slowly to avoid slipping off. Once two
screws are threaded into this seal a slide hammer easily removes it.
10. Seal this new seal into place with RTV as well. It is a tighter
fit than the upper seal but still relatively loose compared to the
main prop shaft seal.
<<<Added May 2012>>>
"With the (bow thruster prop shaft) seal pushed in further now not
even a hint of oil moisture coming through after 2.5 hrs with only the
correct SAE90 gear oil in.

Note from: Colin Streeter Island Pearl II - SM2k #332 "What we did is
carefully but pretty firmly pressed the new seal in (with the flat
edge of a file) so that it has gone about 3mm beyond level with the
outer edge. In this position it cannot go any further in and it now
has a perfect seal."

Hope this helps,

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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<>, Ian Shepherd
<sv_freespirit@...> wrote:

Thanks Bill,

it worked this time, but no mention is made as to which type of foam
seal goes where assuming my spares kit has two types, which I
believe it
does, nor which way up the tube lip seal should go. As I am in Larnaca
it is hard to envisage whether it really matters, but I will be at the
boat tomorrow.



On 18/07/2012 15:44, Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe wrote:


Go to the website for Amel Owners Group. Be sure to sign-in to your
Yahoo account (probably the reason it did not work for you earlier).
Go to Files >>> Miscellaneous >>> BOW THRUSTER SERVICE by Gary

That should do you.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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<>, Ian Shepherd
<sv_freespirit@> wrote:


thanks for the info but I am afraid the link does not work. I
will be
back at KGM Saturday as currentlt in the UK picking up a spare
SSB as
the installed one has developed a fault.


Ian SM414 Crusader

On 18/07/2012 06:12, Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe wrote:


Yes, there are two different types of foam seals used on the bow
thruster. When I discovered this a few years ago, I re-wrote
the BOW
THRUSTER SERVICE by Gary Silver.pdf which was originally
written by
you and Gary and posted it in the files section of the Amel
Someone moved it to the Miscellaneous folder and it is
currently at:

Amel told me that if you get the seals mixed up, you will get some
water in through the bow thruster. I believe that you can also get
some water by getting the torque on the lifting cable too
tight or
lose. I know that some owners do not use the safety pin, but
change the lifting cable adjustment to place more pressure on the
seals when the Bow Thruster is UP. This adjustment changes the
when the Bow Thruster is DOWN. And in my opinion, when it is
down and
in use you will get water inside if you have the wrong seal,
or if
have incorrectly adjusted the lifting cable.

This is 80% opinion and 20% experience, so please take it as that.

Hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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<>, Sailormon

there are 2 diferent types of foam seals used on the bow

Dear Eric,

To help you with the foam seals, I have attached a drawing
of the
bowthruster showing where they are located. Indeed the neoprene
seals are
located outside the hull and the natural seal sits inside
the boat.
tell me how many of each I should put in the shipment.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Maud/Chantiers AMEL Customer service


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