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I have one solar panel mounted on the starboard rail. It swivels vertically out of the way otherwise the angle can be adjusted to the sun. It is easy to route the wires and a simple system. I like it. It would be possible to do the other side too but then the ladder is on that side and it would not be possible to put the panel vertical, not a big problem. Doing it this way there is hardly any expense of mounting so if you decided later to add a stern arch mounting not much money has been spent. Another location could be the top of the dodger but we like using that area. The number of panels depends upon what you want to achieve.



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dear all ,especially Maramu owners, we are debating the pro's and con's of various positions for mounting solar panels on our Maramu -the two favorites are horizontally over our soft Bimini or on port and starboard aft pushpits / rails / stanchions - how many solar panels ? We have been thinking ~200W to 400W. 32 - 36 cells - Are the number of cells critical , or as there are so many other factors such as shading, this point is over emphasized ?? Looking forward to your knowlegable feedback. Thanks in advance , Andy

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