Ian Shepherd

Hi Andy,

I have used two BP Solar 120W 24V panels on my Super Maramu(s) for the
past 11 years. I don't know if the ladder is mounted differently on the
Maramu, but its location causes no problem on the SM. Both panels are
attached to the rails with three West Marine rail clamps and swivel
inwards to the vertical position when mooring. They are adjusted via a
rope passing through a small jammer on the inside of the panel, Shock
cord is connected from the outside of the panel to the toe rail via a
snap shackle so that it can be removed easily to deploy the ladder.

Together with a mizzen top mounted wind generator I have left the boat
for months with the fridge on without needing to connect to shore power.
In the summer I can even keep one deep freeze running too. When sailing
I can sail during daylight hours with no battery discharge all day with
the computer, fridge, freezer, AIS, autopilot and entertainment system
on providing I have about 14 knots apparent or more.

I am not sure that entirely agree with what Bill says. With the cost of
diesel being what it is in Europe, the complete lack of maintenance plus
the very much reduced generator running time and thus reduced
maintenance, wear and tear, I believe this is a cost effective way to
go. I am contemplating fitting a third panel on the back stay cross
bracket as most times one of the rail mounted panels is in the shadow of
the mizzen sail. Also, shore power is becoming increasingly expensive
over here.


Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader East Med

On 26/07/2012 08:08, Andy wrote:

dear all ,especially Maramu owners, we are debating the pro's and
con's of various positions for mounting solar panels on our Maramu
-the two favorites are horizontally over our soft Bimini or on port
and starboard aft pushpits / rails / stanchions - how many solar
panels ? We have been thinking ~200W to 400W. 32 - 36 cells - Are the
number of cells critical , or as there are so many other factors such
as shading, this point is over emphasized ?? Looking forward to your
knowlegable feedback. Thanks in advance , Andy

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