Re: [Amel] low pressure water maker pump for a 160 L/H

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The Email address for Martin is desaladoratyahoo .es as I see that Yahoo cut it short in my message. John, SM319

From: Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe
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Subject: Re: [Amel] low pressure water maker pump for a 160 L/H

Kilkea II,

The capacitor on BeBe's 160l Dessalator Low Pressure pump is rated at 12.5 microfarads (&#956;F or MFD). The voltage should be 460 to 500 volts. You will need a pigtail from the capacitor of about 6" to 8". If you cannot get one that attaches like the original (nut threaded to the end of the cap), you can wire-tie the cap to the motor housing.

Be sure to attach the wires to the same terminals on the motor as the original cap. There is no polarity of the capacitor wires, but if you wire it to the wrong terminals, it may cause the generator to stall.

Hope this helps,

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Turkey

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I do not know owing to the strange habit of either Amel or Dessalador of painting the capacitors so it is impossible to see what size they are.
I suggest that you Email Martin de Jong who is their agent in Spain and ask him. He is incredibly helpful and prompt in replying about any problem relating to their watermakers. desalador@... I do know that the capacitors on the high pressure motor are 30mfd each and 7cms x 4.5cms as a techie replaced them with ones 14 cms long and these made the genset stall. Luckily I had kept the old ones!

Good starts, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319, Sicily

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Subject: [Amel] low pressure water maker pump for a 160 L/H

Hello we are in need of a capacitor/condensor but do not have the specs and apparently it is important to have the right one. If anyone know the specs of the capacitor would you please let us know.
Kilkea II #466

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