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Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

My SM 2000 Crusader was trucked from Newfoundland to Halifax, then taken by
ship to Antwerp, then trucked to Amel's yard at La Rochelle.

The design of cradle Amel recommend has just four support points for the
hull with the majority of the weight being taken by the keel (placed on a
wooden base).

If you use this design, be very careful that the hull supports are placed
over the fore and aft bulkhead locations, else you will crack the hull. This
happened to my boat.

Frankly I feel that if you can make a fully contoured cradle, you might be
safer. Alternatively, if the truck has jacks you can wind up to the hull,
you may avoid the lift operator lowering the boat onto the non reinforced
areas of the hull.

I only had to take down the mizzen mast as the main had come down by itself!
Removal was straightforwards having disconnected the electronics cables
located behind the aft heads paneling. I got the yard to attach a strop from
a crane and the rest was easy.

I hope that this helps. I will be unable to comment further as I am off to
Hyeres tomorrow to get my boat back and have no direct internet access on
board. I can be emailed at You will have to register
first time and then resend your email.

Good luck and a safe journey.

Ian Shepherd

SM 414 Crusader

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Date: 05/20/04 00:32:37
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Trucking of 53' Mango

Greetings all, Has anyone moved their boats over land by truck that
would have any hints they think helpful to me to minimise my learning
curve and help get my boat to its new home in as good as shape as when
it left its old one? De-masting? Special tricks to avoid excessive
vibration to internal parts? The trip will be 1100 miles or so.
Thank you to one and all for their feedback.
S/V Infinite Spirit
Hull #31 (Mango)

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