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Martin <yachtcaduceus@...>

Thank you for this advice. The reference however is for the outhaul gearbox. The gearbox that has failed is the one inside the mast attached to the luff spar inside the mast.

I note however the reference to it taking 4 weeks from AMEL. Fortuantely we have 2 masts! so can at least set some sail in the interim not that it matters much in Maine at the moment as there is an almost complete absence of wind.

I am loth to start attacking the gearbox with pullers without some knowledge of which part comes away from which.


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This may help...see message 11436, which reads, in part:
The gearbox is available. Pricing is $521 ea. FCA Charleston, SC and
delivery time is about 8 weeks.

The product would be available from the factory in France in 4 weeks if you wanted to air freight the item. It normally costs about $3.50 per kg.

If you want to proceed with an order, I can put you in touch with one of our distributors.

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I hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Selimye, Turkey

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It appears that ou mainsail furler gearbox has a major problem under mtor it makes noises as of a collapsed bearing and is more or less seized and very difficult to turn using a winch handle. I have removed it from the mast but am having difficulty breaking into it. Can anyone offer advice please. It may be that I will require a replacement from Amel but would like to see what exactly has gone wrong in the gearbox. I have the earlier mainsail furler where the motor projects from the mast, similar to the SM2000.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56
Maine, USA

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