Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Trucking of 53' Mango

Joao Cruz <oscar_pt@...>


Mi advise is to start loading the boat early in the
morning to avoid that the people start doing the work
in a hurry to go home. I had some problems because
when time to leave work arrived the mast was still
half loaded. Mark and take pictures of every think you
have to dismount specially electrical connections. In
my case I had to travel about 500 miles and I followed
the truck.

Good luck
S/V Daal
Hull #214 (Kirk)

--- ispirit2 <> wrote:
Greetings all, Has anyone moved their boats over
land by truck that
would have any hints they think helpful to me to
minimise my learning
curve and help get my boat to its new home in as
good as shape as when
it left its old one? De-masting? Special tricks to
avoid excessive
vibration to internal parts? The trip will be 1100
miles or so.
Thank you to one and all for their feedback.
S/V Infinite Spirit
Hull #31 (Mango)

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