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I agree, I had bad experience, Tecpro battery charger burned my batteries because it surcharged my batteries. The solution was to put a Mastervolt charger with heat sensor on batteries, lead acid. Mastervolt can be easily tuned for any kind of batteries, AGM and GEL.

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Il giorno 31/lug/2012, alle ore 16:29, Richard03801 ha scritto:

Hi as I recall there is not an adjustment on that charger. You are better off staying with lead acid you can get replacements anyplace. Or you can buy a smart charger from Charles or Dolphin.


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On Jul 31, 2012, at 6:22, Jorge Zlatar <jorge.zlatar@...> wrote:

Hi All
In my SM 195 I have a TECPRO Battery charger but I don`t have the manual or the specification.Can any body help me with this?I need to know if there is any spetial setting for gel batteries or for lead acid?
Thanks in advance
SV Excalibur

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