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I took a dremel tool with a sanding disk attached and reduced the diameter
of the shaft a few thousands and opened up the slot slightly. I also use a
metallic based ant seize compound from McMaster car revert 6 months. It
slips in and out with no problem.

From McMaster catalog.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

Stainless Steel

Bostik Never-Seez (-297° to +2200° F)

8-oz. Brush-Top Can



<> 1820K1



1-lb. Brush-Top Can



<> 1820K3




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drive shaft

Hi Eric, I see you have reverted to your sailormon alias again.
I have followed the advice given a couple of years ago and so I remove this
shaft every six months or so, clean and regrease it and refit so that it
does not get frozen in place. I suspect the problem is caused by sea water
getting at it and salt crystallizing between he shaft and gearbox.Perhaps
the problem could be solved by reducing the diameter of the bottom of the
shaft by a couple of thou. But it is easier just to remove it as suggested.
I also put a lot of grease at the top of the gearbox when the shaft is in
place and suspect that closing the opening to seawater with duct tape would
make sense.

Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319, Syracusa

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I posted some photos of removing the furling shaft from the gearbox.

I simply removed the boom .

Supported it on wood blocks, turned the boom upside down . added penetrating
oil for 2 days , and then went at it with a big sledge hammer and a grade
bolt inserted into the shaft. It took some hammering but it came out without
any damage.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Hi Martin, assuming the gearboxs are the same as the SM. Both gearboxes are
identical. The centre shaft on each is often a problem to remove but
certainly not in for life. there are various posts on the site as to removal
methods. I tried the big hammer and big puller on the outhaul with bad
results.. Heat from a gas torch applied to the tight area worked well. I had
dismatled as much of the box as possible before to expose the area and so
the torch did not damage any of the housing. a little heat and it just fell
out with a tap. Had to be done on the boat as it passes through the boom.
Also the outhaul through shaft is steel. The furler alloy of some sort.
Whoever applies the heat needs to know this. You have the advantage that you
can take the furler off the boat to go to an engineering shop where they
have skills, heat and presses to do what for them will be a quick and simple
job. I now regularly withdraw the shafts (an easy job in place) and grease
them so it won't happen again.
I also posted methods to add grease nipples to all the sail gearboxs to
allow refreshing of the grease.
SM299 Ocean Pearl
currently Ha'apai Tonga

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Thank you again.

I think that we may be talking about different gearboxes. My problem is not
in the motor assembly itself but in the assembly that links the motor to the
mast foil and also contains the manual drive. It is the main shaft running
through this assembly (gearbox) that has the problem, the upper bearng
appears to have disintegrated which causes the shaft to bind and also
therefore prevents manual operation as that rotates the same shaft through a
bevel gear.

I have removed the manual drive with its gear attached. This gives access to
the bevel gear. I have washed the whole thing out to remove old grease and
debris, none found, but cannot see how the remainder comes apart. Is this
another of Amel's assembled for life?

Amel 54 #56

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Leroy Somer makes both the main furling and the outhaul gearboxs on Super
Maramus...AND, it is my understanding that on BeBe, SM #387, the gearboxes
are identical.

Also, you can disconnect the gearbox and use the manual furler until you
have a new gearbox. Procedure for this is in my Amel Super Maramu Manual.
Let me know if you want me to email the pages to you.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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Thank you for this advice.. The reference however is for the outhaul
gearbox. The gearbox that has failed is the one inside the mast attached to
the luff spar inside the mast.

I note however the reference to it taking 4 weeks from AMEL. Fortuantely
we have 2 masts! so can at least set some sail in the interim not that it
matters much in Maine at the moment as there is an almost complete absence
of wind.

I am loth to start attacking the gearbox with pullers without some
knowledge of which part comes away from which.


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This may help...see message 11436, which reads, in part:
The gearbox is available. Pricing is $521 ea. FCA Charleston, SC and
delivery time is about 8 weeks.

The product would be available from the factory in France in 4 weeks
if you wanted to air freight the item. It normally costs about $3.50 per kg.

If you want to proceed with an order, I can put you in touch with
one of our distributors.

Best regards,

Justin T. McMahon | Sales & Marketing Manager

Leroy Somer Power & Drives - NA
8100 W. Florissant Ave. | St. Louis MO 63136 | USA
T 314.553.2380 | F 314.553.3403

I hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Selimye, Turkey

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It appears that ou mainsail furler gearbox has a major problem under
mtor it makes noises as of a collapsed bearing and is more or less seized
and very difficult to turn using a winch handle. I have removed it from the
mast but am having difficulty breaking into it. Can anyone offer advice
please. It may be that I will require a replacement from Amel but would like
to see what exactly has gone wrong in the gearbox. I have the earlier
mainsail furler where the motor projects from the mast, similar to the

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56
Maine, USA

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