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yes, we had some years ago the same problem with ou Sharki (1987). the water came down from the deck of ship where the mizzen mast is put on. 0ur plywood became dark and soft, starting at a small point and after 2 years it was clear that something unnormal was going on.
It seems that the pressure of the mizzen mast are leading to capillary cracks of the gelcoat deck.

Kind regards Otto

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Hi Sharki owners,

I recently decided to tackle the removal and replacement of the aft
cabin bulkhead which was rotten. This is the one which borders the
engine room and would be the headboard of the aft cabin bunk. I am sure
that at some stage the mizzen mast or there abouts must have been
leaking water into the plywood bulkhead. I am assuming that it was
repaired at some stage because the plywood was soft and crumbly, in some
places even dust like. but COMPLETELY DRY with no sign of dampness or
moisture, even when I threw a bucket of water on the deck above. Has
any other Sharki owner had a similar experience with their yacht? Ours
is 28years old, so not a new yacht.

All the best


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