Sharki 1987 and other Amel yachts / Osmosis

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Hello everybody,

I'm the owner of a 25 year old Sharki "Gioconda". During the last 15
years we have done a lot of repairs and replacements:

amongst other things:

- totally overhaul of the engine
- replacement of all navigatory instruments and autopilot
- replacement of the VHF
- new cooking stove
- new refrigerator
- new anchor chain
- new holding tank
- repair of a capillary crack under the mizzen mast which led to a
totally rotten bulkhead in the aft cabin..

During wintertime (7 months) the yacht is hauled dry on land. All the
years it was never a discussion about osmosis!
Now the company which do the maintenance told me they had found Osmosis
and that during next wintertime they would recommend an osmosis treatement!

And now my question to all AMEL-sailors: *What do you think about this

- How are the results of such a treatement?
- Is it worth do spend once again a lot of money (about 10'000 euro) for
a 25 year old yacht?
- If yes, should we renew also the upper part (over the water-line) of
the hull (once again 7'000)?
- Is there anybody who has experience with old plastic yachts?
- Does anybody knows something about a "natural" life-time of an
Amel-Yacht ?

- and we have another little problem: The chalking of the hem. You can't
paint it, it's a soft material. But every time you touch it, you are

Thanks for your kind replies

Kind regards Otto E. Martin / SY GIOCONDA

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