Amel Maramu for sale at Peakes...not worth it.

eric <ericmeury@...>

This past week, the fiance and I visited Peakes to look at an Amel Maramu. I knew this boat was involved in Ivan in Grenada but the extent was not properly disclosed. As it turned out I ended up finding the survey after Ivan while i was down there.

I contacted the current owner walter a few months ago and was told that the boat was on its side in the Mangroves. That was probably only half the truth at best. The old survey showed day light coming from the starboard side of the deck where the deck and hull meet. The entire rubrail was damaged. A large "chunk" of the stern where the the transom meets the hull on the starboard side was missing. -

Perhaps walter or the original marine salvage company attempted to do some repairs. All the repairs are cosmetic at best.

From my Surveyor "The hull was completely immersed in seawater. There was serious structural damage, particularly to the starboard side from amidships aft, and to the area of the hull to deck joint for almost the entire length." --- In particular i noticed that the water tight bulkhead was not fully connecting neither the hull or the deck.

The starboard chain plate was "repaired" although despite the boat being on the hard and not sailed there is already cracking on the deck.

There is evidence that the engine was fully submerged or at least heavily corroded. The current owner repainted the engine. It was apart when i was there - he said it does run - I doubt it.

i have an additional list of observations made by my surveyor...all in all the boat is really probably beyond worth saving.

The owner wanted 65k for the boat, i talked him down over email to 40k subject to my inspection. After looking at it, he would have to give to to me for free if i was going to do the work. Basically all of his repairs would need to be redone. None of the rigging was replaced after ivan. Apparently he things it is okay, but i doubt it. He does have new sails and new lines - which is really odd considering what needs to be done. - The entire inside needs to be redone and rewired including ALL SYSTEMS.

Just thought i would pass this along to anybody else that stumbled upon this maramu and was considering going through the expense of looking at the boat.

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