Re: s/v Have Fun! Maramu 258


Arnold,<br><br>This is excellent information and
advice. Thank you! I would appreciate very much a copy of
your wiring diagram. Since I am the third owner of
this vessel, I am discovering and slowly understanding
my electrical system.<br><br>I want to keep the 220
volt system for Europe and the Caribbean and add 120
volt for the United States. My electrical panel has 12
volt and 220 volt. <br><br>My shorepower plug on the
boat is 50 amp 125v/250v. My very large original
battery charger<br>says 120 - 240 volt. I do not have a
transformer, unless it is part of the battery charger.
<br><br>Is it possible that my boat was already wired for
120 and 240 by Amel? <br><br>Of course, I do not know
whether the 50amp 125/250v female plug on my boat was a
modification after the boat was built, or if so, whether it
was wired correctly.<br><br>Any other thoughts? RSVP
& Thanks.<br>David Lambertsen, s/v Have Fun!

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