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Hi Martin,
the flat mounting brackets which are welded onto the accumulator tank sometimes create pinholes which allow air to leak. The bladder contains the initial smooth flow of water that is released when you open the taps , then the pump kicks in via the pressure switch on the side of the tank. No air pressure inside the tank then no smooth flow of water.
It is possible to purchase a new tank, I was never able to successfully seal the pin holes on my original tank.
Reya the pump manufacturers, are worse than useless in terms of support or technical help, I agree with Richard, much easier to remove the original and replace it. You will be surprised just how much extra space it will give you in the engine room. You need to choose a pump man enough to withstand the back pressure once you have the system full of water and working.
All the well known manufacturers have something suitable in their range at a fraction of the cost of your current pump. From experience it pays to buy two of them!
Fair winds,
Trevor Lusty
Seafever of Cuan
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Best is to replace that system with an on demand pressure pump that way you eliminate the tank and save lots of space while using less energy. Good luck.


Richard Piller

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Does anyone have experience of replacing, or repairing the bladder inside the fresh water pump accumulator as fitted to the Amel 54. We are losing presuure and have to reinflate it to 1.5 bar once a week There is a photograph of the accumulator in the photo library.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56

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