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I do not think that everyone agrees with on-demand being better, cheaper, etc.


Possibly you have a "Torino" fresh water pump and accumulator tank as pictured here:

I would buy a new accumulator tank. I bought my new one from Amel when I was ordering other parts. I do not remember the cost, but I thought it was reasonable. The Torino pump is a very good pump and will last you 10 years and probably more. Ours is almost 10 years old and the only thing we have replaced is the key that secures the impeller. The bladder in the Torino accumulator tank is not serviceable, and I have not seen an accumulator tank that has a serviceable bladder, but I assume it is possible they exist.

If the 54 fresh water system is like the SM2k, you will have another accumulator tank near the hot water heater (ours is located behind it). Although this accumulator does help maintain water pressure, its primary function is to accommodate the expansion of water when it is heated. I believe most people would discourage the removal of this one. Ours developed a pin-hole and I replaced it with one about twice the capacity. This will be easy to find in any shop that sells home/farm water pumps and supplies.

I hope this helps you.

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Best is to replace that system with an on demand pressure pump that way you eliminate the tank and save lots of space while using less energy. Good luck.


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Does anyone have experience of replacing, or repairing the bladder inside the fresh water pump accumulator as fitted to the Amel 54. We are losing presuure and have to reinflate it to 1.5 bar once a week There is a photograph of the accumulator in the photo library.

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