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Hello to all from Liahona:

I thought I would take a moment and express my opinion about the
value of the Amel sailboats that we own. My wife and I just attended
Sail Expo West all sailboat show in Oakland California. Of course
very few people have heard of Amel on the west coast of the US.
Nevertheless, we toured every blue water cruising boat at this show.
THERE WAS NOTHING TO COMPARE. The only boat that even came close
cost 1.4 million USD. Frankly it even lacked some of the standard
features of my SM, namely water tight bulkheads. That is almost
three times what I paid for my SM new!! Now, while I know that
because the USD is now weak against the Euro you can't purchase an
Amel SM as inexpensively as you once were able to, an Amel SM still
represents a tremendous value for the money spent. Besides a
wonderfully thought out boat and systems you also get the backing of
a company and sales people who really care about their customers. A
fellow I met in Lanzarote had just purchased a new boat in England
and was headed the same direction as we were. His owners hand over
consisted of a nearly bankrupt company handing him a box of owners
manuals, a set of keys and wishing him good luck. Compare that to
the school Amel puts on!! Isn't it comforting that the conservative
approach that Amel has to business makes them such a stable company
that we can all depend upon to be there when we need them? Isn't it
nice to not own a boat that has been orphaned by the builder?
Joel Potter and the Amel family in La Rochelle and the Caribbean have
treated me better than ANY other company I have ever done business
with. I consder all of these people life long friends, not just
someone who I purchased a boat from. Joel has taken time to answer
hundreds of questions for me, Jean Jacques Lemonier & Olivier Beaute
treated us with the greatest kindness, respect and helpfulness as we
purchased and took delivery of our boat. Amel flew people to
Lanzarote to do warranty service on our transmission when the
hydraulic brake system developed a problem. Amel fixed things that
were beyond the warranty period when I kindly pointed out that the
problem started to develope during the warranty period. Laurent
Colona in Guadeloupe has worked tirelessly to meet our every need.
Maude and M. Selo have likewise made every attempt to meet our post
warranty needs. Sure, I have had a frustration or two, but mostly
related to the fact that I don't speak French. Everyone at Amel has
bent over backwards to help me in English.
All in all I can't imagine what it might have been like with another
manufacturer, but I can say that Amel has an extra-ordinary track
record of service, honesty, integrity and with Liahona and myself.
Thanks Joel and the Amel family for 2 1/2 years of friendship and

Most sincerely,

Gary & Mary Silver s/v Liahona Hull # 335

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