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Sounds like you have it exactly right with the D ring and short length of wire with shackle for the tack. Not sure about your mast fitting. I have an earlier model than you so maybe a different rig. Sorry to bag the Air X. I have read positive thinkgs about the aftermarket blades. Also sounds a good idea to wait a bit before fitting.



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Hello John,

I also only have the white genoa type sail and I am not even sure if I have rigged it correctly. What I figured out is, that it is raised between the D-ring in front of the main sheet traveler and the mizzens top, using some wire extension between the D-ring and the tack to get it free of the roof.
But I also have some fitting at the mizzen, some distance below the top, which meaning I couldn't figure out yet.

I got an AirX together with the ship, but it isn't installed yet. I heard of the noise problems of this type, but I think there are some "silent" blades for it to solve it.

Installing it on the mizzen top would - besides of the imho ugly look - require the movement of some antennas there. On the other hand, a separate pole at the stern doesn't look much better.

I guess I will postpone the installation for a season and see if I use the stay sail at all. As I plan to sail her for the next 2-3 years in the Baltic and North Sea to get familiar with her a generator is not yet strictly necessary.


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I have the original Maramu staysail still in very good condition as it has never been used much but when it is used it is great to have. It is white and similar cut to the genoa so not a ballooner. It is easy to use without a sock. How much use depends on where you sail and if you have the inclination to get the sail out and put it away or rather do less sail handling and enjoy the ride. To be honest it does not get used much but when I do put it up it is great to have the four sails pulling (especially for photographs!)

Personally I would not put a wind generator on the front of the mizzen. The choice is either on the top (more effecient and quieter) or on a post at the stern (easy to get at to repair or service or tie off) I have an Aerogen 6 and over 40knots it should be tied off and sometimes at night I tie it off) Try doing that on the top of the mizzen.... I have a picture in the Popeye album.

Some other points to consider are if it is not mounted properly it can transmit noise down the mizzen or post and there is a lot to choosing which wind generator to get. On google you should find some good comparative tests. Air X are common but I had one and hated the noise, makes it sound like a gale is blowing and gets you on edge. I even don't like it when some anchors next to me with one. The Aerogen I have is very quiet but doesn't produce much power which is perfect for keeping batteries charged when the boat is unattended. My solar panel on the rail is silent, easy to fit and produces far more electricity.

Everyone has different priorities though or we would all have identical boats.


JOhn, Maramu #91 Popeye, Port Douglas, Queensland

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Hi !

I am new Maramu owner (#148) and I am still trying to figure out how everything works :)

I plan to install a windgenerator and from some posts here I figured that a windgenerator in front of the mizzen on a bracket would prevent the use of the mizzen stay sail. And on top of the mizzen it just looks too ugly.

So I wonder how often the mizzen stay sail gets really used in real world conditions and if I can afford to loose it.


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