For sale - Chart cards for Furuno plotter

Walter Lundstrom <linneasail@...>

Hi guys,

We just finished up our 2 year cruising adventure and sold "Linnea" (SM 2000
number 366). The new owner is going to South America and the Pacific, so he
has no need for our Navionics chart cards (fitting the Furuno radar/chart

The chart cards we have are Navionics XL charts, and we have about $4000
worth of chart cards covering part of the Atlantic European waters, the
whole Med, the Atlantic islands, Caribbean and Florida.

I just checked on the Internet. The European XL charts cost 298 euros (+20%
VAT) each and the Caribbean and US XL charts are $199 each. You can have
them for $100 per card or even less if you take all the ones we have.

Phone (614) 592-2255

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