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Hi Lior,

These switches were sent to me because of the recall as a result of tragic
incident in which they discover a problem with the switches. The replacement
switches are a real change from the original switches-particularly in the
size of the switches (about 50% bigger and inch and half longer). The kit
included all of the items needed to install the switches such as a special
hole drill bit along with a template. Also, included was a special switch
that was about 3/4 in shorter than the rest of the switches so it could fit
in the starboard cockpit location. This was suppose to allow the switch to
fit without having to go thru the ceiling in the walk way. However, the
switch was still to long. The solution was to make a 5/8" thick spacer out
of a very hard piece of plastic that raised the switch about 5/8" above the
deck therefore leaving enough room to install the switch without going thru
the walk way ceiling. The template that came with the installation kit was
exactly the right size and used that as the template to make the spacer. It
is hardly noticeable so it worked out okay. THE ONE THING THAT I HIGHLY

Bozo Cinq, AMEL 54 #44

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Dear Gary

I have also received the Kit. I will be at the end of next week on the boat
and install the new switches.
If you find in the mean time any solution, I would be happy if you could
inform me.

Thanks a lot

Gnom 7, Amel 54 #18

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I have received the replacement winch switches from AMEL for my 54. The
switches are much larger than the original. Therefore, have run into a
problem in replacing the starboard cockpit switch in that to install the
new switch will mean that I will have to drill a hole through the ceiling
in the walk way above the captains bed/battery compartment. What have
54 owners done to solve this issue????

Gary Wollenberg, #44
S/V Bozo Cinq


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