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David Wallace

I think a previous owner cut out some of that plywood to provide access but can't remember exactly what the edges of the opening look like. Someone also cut an access port, about 4"x 6", in the fiberglass under the fwd head sink. The hot and cold water to that head now run through hoses laying in the bottom of the center spaces of the salon rather than the original copper pipes. I suspect both accesses were made to facilitate doing that.

We'll keep an eye out for you in Mexico, glad you're returning!

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I can't even get my hand through the opening so I suspect in later models they made it more convenient. Thanks for the response. Hopefully I'm able to cross paths with you down south this winter.

I don't know about AirOps, but on our boat (#29) the piece running fore and aft where the hoses pass through is just plywood. I hope it's not having to support much weight.

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Hi Dave,
I did replace that hose, by reaching under the pan from the center section. The access, under the threshhold for the head door, is about 4" tall and 18" long. I can't positively tell you whether the access is original or not, since I'm not on the boat. At any rate, it's obviously a little tricky since you're working blind, but it's doable. On our boat, water leaking at the connection (or from the hoses/connections to the sink will spill partially into the center section and can easily be mopped up. And vice versa for any water leaking into the center section.

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I have been replacing some of the hoses attached to the T fitting near centerline, inboard of the forward head. Here's the questions:

If there were to be a leak under the shower pan, for example at the point the drain hose attaches, how does that area under the pan drain?

If anyone has replaced the drain hose for the shower drain, did you remove the shower pan or install an inspection port?

Thanks for any assistance.

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