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Martin <yachtcaduceus@...>

I have also received the switch kit. Note that the problem is not just with the genoa winch switches, it is also the main sheet6 winch and the anchor windlass switches; hence why AMEL have sent 5 or 7 switches depending on whether the boat has the second anchor winch option.

I have had two anchor winch switches fail due to water getting into the internals and rotting the contacts, and I replaced them. Another developed, for a short time the habit of occaisionally running on its own accord - good seamanship says always tie the anchor down in this case to stop losing everything overboard in the event of a switch failure.

I would imagine that Lewmar have a substantial problem with these switches, not just with those fitted to Amel 54's.

Switch replacement next on the to do list.

Amel 54 #56

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Hi Gary,

Did you order the switches, or were they sent to you because of a recall, an update, or something related to Lewmar electric winch failures?

I am sure that you are aware of the loss of limbs on an Amel 54 in Antigua. The Lewmar electric winch continued to run without any pressure on the switch and pandemonium broke out on board resulting in the loss of an arm from one crew member and the loss of fingers from another crew member.

If you received these switches as a recall or update, it is NOT just a switch...AND...regardless, something like this is never just a switch.

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It's just a switch. Maybe another manufacturer offers a windlass switch that will better match the size of your opening. I wouldn't drill any holes just to make that switch fit. Have you checked the Lewmar catalog to see what other switches they may have?

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I have received the replacement winch switches from AMEL for my 54. The switches are much larger than the original. Therefore, have run into a problem in replacing the starboard cockpit switch in that to install the new switch will mean that I will have to drill a hole through the ceiling in the walk way above the captains bed/battery compartment. What have other 54 owners done to solve this issue????

Gary Wollenberg, #44
S/V Bozo Cinq

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