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Hi, Martin,
That's the pump I put on my boat.  I used a 1 inch hose on the barbs and that fit nicely into the larger hoses coming from the bilge and output.  I had to fashion an L-shaped shelf that fit where the old pump was mounted and used all the same wiring.  I've had two of the valves fail in the last 2 years.  The rubber valves are fine but the small "rivet" connector is poorly crimped on all of them.  I've peened it a bit more on the replacement valves since the second one failed but I'm not convinced that will be enough.  Next one that fails, I'm going to replace the "rivet" with a small stainless bolt and nylon washer which should last a long time.  I'd buy at least one more set of valves if that's the pump you decide to go with.  Too bad the valves are poorly designed/made, the pump is otherwise robust and should last a long time.

Sorry, no pics with me.  Dont know when I'll be back on the boat, but I can take a pic of the installation and send it to you next time I'm there.

Hope this helps.
SM 243

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The gearing on our Reya/AMFA bilge pump has broken and as we are in the USA rather than spend a long time getting the parts or a new pump I am considering replacing it with a Jabasco pump for which spare parts are more universally obtainable.

I have found a 24v belt driven Jabasco pump (34600) but note that this only has 1 inch inlet and outlets rather than the slightly larger ones on the Reya pump used by AMEL. I see from the thread 2 years ago that various replacements have been used. Can anyone advise please and if you have a satisfactory replacement perhaps some photographs of the installation.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56

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