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Check the photo at:

Also, the mechanical pump seal and the bearings are easy to replace. Usually, when the seal starts leaking, some salt water ruins the bearing closest to the pump. If you need 1 bearing, replace both of them. If you are not sure about rebuilding the pump, take it to a water-well pump shop or a swimming pool equipment repair facility. The water-well pump shop will be much better. They can rebuild the pump for you...the bearings and seal are standard sizes. If the pump has failed, you probably need a new capacitor...see:
A suitable replacement can be found at most any electrical supply store.

If you are looking to replace the Calpeda: Basic rule of thumb: 1 gallon per minute (GPM) is required for every 4,000 Btu's of capacity.
I believe each of the A/C units are 9,000btu.

9,000 * 3 = 27,000/4,000= 6.75gal/min * 3.785=25.55liters/min * 60 = 1,532 liters/hour....6,75gal/min * 60 = 405gal/hour

I rebuilt our Calpeda in Penang, Malaysia...easily found all of the parts, had a motorcycle repair shop press the new bearings on the shaft.

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I am hoping someone can help me with the model number of the blue Calpeda 220vac pump used for salt water cooling of the AC units. The brass plate on my pump is corroded and I am not able to clearly see the specs. This is for a 1999/2000 model SM. Thanks.


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