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Hello all owners and interested parties! We would just like to echo
the remarks made by Gary and Mary on S/V Liahona. They could not
have expressed our thoughts any better. We took delivery of NOELIA
in November of 1998 at La Rochelle. We were not yet ready to embark
on our retirement cruise, but did take advantage of the French franc
to dollar exchange rate. Due to our delayed departure date, we
turned the boat over to Joel as his demo boat for a year. No doubt
many of you owners were on board Noelia as a demo boat that first
year of our ownership. We cannot express enough gratitude to Joel
and the entire AMel family in La Rochelle and Guadeloupe for their
help and assistance throughout the last four years of our living
aboard. Granted, our track has not been exactly what we expected
going into this great adventure, but we have wintered in the
Caribbean and summered in Maine and the Maritimes for 4 years and
have enjoyed every minute of it. Has the boat been trouble free?
No, it is a boat. But the problems have been few and far between
and most easily repaired due to the superb design and accessibility
of all systems. I never cease to be amazed at the support given us
by Selo in La Rochelle--receiving a water maker part in St. Thomas
in 3 days over Easter, to name just one incident. We received the
part before we received the email telling us of its tracking

Now, as we prepare for another phase of our lives, we will
undoubtedly ask Joel to find another owner for NOELIA. (That is, if
we don't change our minds,Joel.) We did not sell all the Kansas
farm for a life on the water, but after a few months back on the
farm we may have other ideas. (Peter thinks a vegetable garden
would be nice--I give him 2 months.) I don't know if we have any
words of wisdom for other owners and future owners or not, but here
are some of our thoughts: 1. Live with the boat for at least a year;
Amel has a superb design so don't change anything. We were
attracted to the Super Maramu for many reasons and while we could
have done this or that (we don't have an inverter and have never
missed it)we didn't. 2. Ask AMEL if you have questions. As long as
you adhere to #1, see above, AMEL can help you. If you don't, they
have to guess. 3. Is the boat perfect? No, but it a darn sight
better than most boats we have encountered costing lots more, and
providing less standard equipment/options, and machinery access.
(See Liahona's comments on their Boat Show visit). 4. Take
with "grains of salt" the sea and war stories of those who have had
so much difficulty. Another cause of amazement and amusement for
us, the 1% of Amel owners who have 99% of the problems. This is
most interesting and does make you wonder just what they do or don't
do to maintain and safely sail their boats.

So, in closing, thanks Joel, Jean-Jacque, Laurent, M. Selo, and all
you folks who visit this site who have helped us and inspired us
over the years. But, most of all we thank NOELIA who has, and will
continue to give us, a "great ride"

Mary Hallman-Lee
Peter Lee

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