Prop shaft seals

ianjenkins1946 <>

I have just changed the bronze bearing and its three seals.All went to plan. The whole operation took about three hours.This is the second time I have done it myself, following detailed notes that I took when Daniel, Amel`s man in La R did the first one for me.I still have to screw up my courage to attack each seal with a screwdriver to break the metal circle in the seal to allow it to deform and eventually be edged out. I am always concerned that I will put a gouge in the surface of the metal that the seals fit against.
Has anyone discovered a particular technique or tool that makes this part of the job easier and less fraught?
On a different subject, amongst less usual spares, I will now carry the particular shaped 100 Amp fuse for my Cristec inverter which was fitted when we bought Pen Azen( we have the 1200 watt one, and wouldn`t be without it). Unfortunately we had a 3 kw fan heater plugged in when we switched the inverter on and the surge of power blew the inverter fuse before the Amel fitted circuit breaker could react.Although you can do a get you home job with fuse wire we found the particular fuse impossible to get locally ( admittedly, Chile) so the good M. Selo came to our aid--once more.
Ian & Judy Jenkins, Pen Azen, SM 302, Valparaiso, Chile

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