Re: [Amel] TDS in the Eastern Med

About salinity read in French the _EXCELLENT _web site of
(see also the wave prediction .... )

they write :


La /salinité/ de l'eau de mer océanique varie
relativement peu dans le Golfe de Gascogne, restant
entre_*35 et 36 grammes de sels divers par kilogramme
d'eau de mer*_. En zone côtière, cette /salinité/ de...
Le modèle de la Manche et du Golfe de Gascogne vise à
décrire l'évolution des courants, de la température et
de la /salinité/ sur l'ensemble de la zone. Le modèle
hydrodynamique est tridimensionnel...


Le 06/09/2012 09:43, Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe a écrit :

I assume the Eastern Med salinity increases during the dry season. I
have read that is is normally higher than most oceans.

Is my assumption correct about the Med salinity...and, if so, what
should I expect for TDS in water maker output? In other words, should
output TDS increase with an increase in input salinity?

I am curious as to what your Med experience is. In most places in the
world, we have been able to maintain close to, or under 200 TDS in
product water. We presently find it difficult to get below 300. We
have a Dessalator 160l/hr 230v water maker with 2 each FilmTec
Membranes SW30-2540 (3 years old).

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently E. Med - Orhaniye, Turkey

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