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Good point Eric, thanks.
Have a great day!

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The sand gets caught in the fender covers and then you have sandpaper, the
plastic like the material of the bimini and side curtains protects the hull
When you get there, you will see many boats rigged like that. Have them mad
in Lisboa, it is very cheap there
Fair Winds

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Good to know, thanks Eric.
Would it not be more simple to use fender covers though?
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I forgot to mention that most of the boats in Lisboa have white plastic
tarps hung over the side between the hull and the fenders. If you leave
boat in Lisboa for any amount of time, the red sand from the Sahara gets
between the hull and the fenders and abrade the gel coat. Carlos had a set
made for us very reasonably the same day.

Worked great both in Lisboa and Grand Canarie.

Fair Winds


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Thanks Eric,hallo Fred,
this year we have been in the Azores, in summertime, for four weeks. We
sailed from Lisboa.
Wunderful islands. Really the best I have seen in my life. You must take
your time to visit some islands.
Every island is different. Don't make the mistake to visit only Horta in
Faial.From Horta you can take the ferryboat to the
island pico, to mount pico.I can confirm Richard (documents and so on).
name of the retired IBM exec and sailor is "Carlos". He is still there.His
phone number is +351919868807.
Marina Alcantara is not very nice marina, on one side containers, but very
safe. You can leave the boat alone, no problem.
The people are very helpful. There is also an alternative : marina parque
das nacoes, near the expo area.The marina is more modern.
The way to the airport is very short and the shopping center Vasco da Gama
is near by. You can go by bus or train to the city. From Alcantara you
to take also train,tram or bus.
You can also walk from Alcantara, not from marina parque das nacoes. Or
stay in Cascais with more beaches and so on. From there you have to take
train to
Lisboa. It takes about fourty minutes.We are in Alcantara since last
the boat is mostly alone and we are there because it is really very safe.
When there is much wind outside, there it is calm. Excuse the late answer
but I am in Germany and Iam working. If you want to know anything else,
don´t hesitate to ask.
Look to google earth, to see the locations.
Nobody asked me for a licence of competence.Ok , I was coming from EU, but
think this would not matter anything
Best regards, Hans-Joachim
"Johanna-Amalthea" SM2000 #436 Lisboa

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