Re: Maramu performances by engine and sails


Thank you Jean Paul for the informations you sent me.
I'm trying to optimize the performances of my boat. I suppose the propeller has been replaced, I will check now the code to make a comparison with your data. Regarding the speed under sail, I think my boat is very heavy due to all the staff stored (she is also my house).

Hope other friends Maramu Owners will send their comments to help me to make comparisons.

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Hi Giogi
I bought a maramu last generation last year.
I have not enough experience to tell You the comportment of the boat under sail but in good conditions with 12-15 knot wind 135° I made easily 6,5 Knot.
I traveled in the med and with motor at 2100RPM I sailed on 7 knot. (with a calm sea, with a bad sea I had to puch to 2500 to keep ± 6 knot)

This ar the references of the original propeller : 20 12 85 C5 RH 16, with a Perkins 60cv type 4.154.
I'll try to put a picture of the propeller on the forum.
Best regards

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