Shaft bearing and SPI seals

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Hi Ian and Judy,

The faster method to pull these out, is to pierce metal circle
inside seal thanks to an awl (long sharpened piece of metal ). Use
it with a hammer and hit the awl firmly one or two time until

Do it on each side of the shaft. Then screw on long screw into each
holes (type self-tapping + Phillips is the best). These screws must
be at least 6' long, but rather thin. Give screws some turns, just
to make it firm holding.

Pull on both screw heads with good pliers to extract seals. The
first one (external) is the hardest. Second and last are easier. By
this method, it's a 10' job.

TIP : to put seals back, do not hesitate to fill seals with TEFLON
grease, inside and outside. Have on board a metal tube with a
diameter just smaller than seals. Position seal around the shaft,
lightly pushed in transmission hole. Then put the metal tube on it
and hit it gently with a hammer. Avoid mainly to push seal twisted,
only straight. Damaged seal lips could really cut short assembly

Harder is propeller extraction. Of cause, use Autoprop extraction
tools, but this is often not sufficient. Over and above that you
have to "sound" (hit) propeller gently with a hammer around the
shaft when extraction tool is under tension. If this is not working,
you have to use a blowtorch , but a big one. Hobby model is
unfortunately not powerful enough. Take care, because when propeller
released, it could promptly fall down, and damage blades. Secure it
by any way.

To avoid this blocking problem, I apply a thin film of Teflon grease
before reassembling propeller.

To clean propeller of sea concretions, just apply acid with a brush
(for instance battery acid or hydrochloric acid 20%) and wait … It
works alone. However avoid to use to much acid on SPURR moorings
breaker, because there are 2 TEFLON (?) seals which do not like this

In brief : dismantle propeller, SPURR, change bearing and seals,
drain transmission oil + reassembling and oil refill takes me
usually less than 2 hours.

TIP : buy a metric 36 wrench. Impossible to find out of Europe and
even not easy to find there. Necessary to remove oil drain bolt.

If you see emulsion in oil tank in engine room, don't worry too
much, you can always use your engine, but at 1800 revolutions. Try
to haul out next call.

All the best

Patrick Naegels – Caramel – SM2000 - #329

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