boomerang davits

Attilio Siviero YAHOO <attilio.siviero@...>

Hi all,

I am just thinking to fit on my Santorin a couple of davits similar to the ones made by a workshop in La Rochelle, and called Boomerang.

I have seen several SMs with those davits, and I know that also some Santorins has been fitted with same davits, obviously adapted to the different size of the stern.

Now I would like to know for a 2.7m tender (Honda) which tackles (with triple blocks: we are getting old...) are normally used for these davits? I think that a tackle with blocks of 45mm dia, and 10mm rope (working load of the blocks 450kg) should be sufficient. Naturally, one triple block should be with cam-cleat.

And how long is the tackle completely closed. This is to position correctly the holding shackle.

If anybody with a SM or a Santorin has these davits, maybe he can give me this info/opinion?

Thanks for an answer

Attilio & Maria Siviero
Amel Santorin#84 "Sisila"

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