Re: Prop shaft seals


A further suggestion when installing new prop shaft seals is to use the old bronze wear
piece to insert the new seals. To use it it must first be cleaned and the internal O ring
removed. By turning it around from the correct assembly direction i.e. the larger dia to
the seals you have the correct dia tool for seal insertion in addition it is held square by the
prop shaft. his works well on the Santorin and therefore could well work on a SM but will
need checking.

A further comment in respect to this system is that engine oil is used I presume because it
is 2 or 3 times more tolerant of moisture than gear oil and still retains (provided a good
quality oil is selected) excellant gear lube performance.

Rob Kyle

Santorin No 54 Khamsin
Fango No 24 Ebbrezza

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