Re: Hot cockpit


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I am very interested in the Super Maramu, but I am a bit concerned
that there will not be enough airflow through the cockpit with
such a
high fixed dodger.

Has anybody found that when sailing in the Caribbean, that there
not enough air flow when at anchor or beating in light winds?

Also, what are your experiences with air flow through the rear
After an uncomfortable first year on NOELIA we finally took the wind
scoop we purchased for the forward cabin (which we had never needed
to use) and placed it aft so as to direct the airflow from the front
of the boat into the aft cabin. We have been most comfortable ever
since and have even needed a light blanket from time to time. We
have spent the last four winters in the Caribbean so the
temperatures have been comparable to Greece. Of course this is
an "at anchor" solution, and underway if we are spending time in the
aft cabin, we use the Hella fans.

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