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Thanks for all the info, Gary.
I have the D60 which runs only on 24V DC, not the D60DUO that runs on 24VDC or 240VAC.  The control panel is not the one pictured in your file on the owner's site.  It has a switch that can be turned counter-clockwise to "Manual" or clockwise to "Auto".  I contacted Dessalator who said that the blinking yellow light meant that the pressure is too low and that I should just crank up the pressure and see if it goes off.  He said the relay/solenoid should not be clicking on and off with the blinking light because that would be shutting the motor on and off...but I had the unit turned on and while the light was blinking and the panel was clicking, the motor kept running steadily.
Sooo, it's going to take some more trouble shooting to figure out what's going on.  I'll try cranking up the pressure when I get back on the boat, and if that doesn't solve the problem, I'll start looking further.  I'll let you know what I find.
SM 243
Currently Brunswick GA

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ADDENDUM: I just reviewed the manual that I wrote on this system, since Dessalator wasn't inclined to provide adequate documentation (see the Files section) and here are the details on the yellow LED:
"ii. Yellow LED (Labeled Bad Quality) Receives power from Logic Board Plug #3, Pin 4 and sinks to ground at the Logic Board Plug # 3, Pin 3. This LED illuminates when the ON/OFF Switch is ON, the low-pressure pump (elsewhere labeled as BP) is running and the Logic Board Timer (IC4) hasn't reached a pre-set time that is determined by the values of R1, R2, and C4 on the Logic Board. As configured on the Amel Super Maramu the illumination of the Yellow LED is in no way determined by salinity sensing and thus in no way reflects "Bad Quality"".

There is a pressure switch but it shuts down the system if too high of a pressure is sensed. There is not a pressure sensor for low pressure pump feed pressure.


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Hi Kent:

Do you have the original Dessalator control board or the new board? You can tell as follows; the original board doesn't work to measure salinity and doesn't have auto flush, whereas the new board has an auto flush feature and actually will shut the system down if there is high salinity in the product water. You need to verify which board you have (the one depicted in the photos section is the original. The new board has a different component layout. Additionally you need to verify if the brochure you downloaded was for the original or new control board as I assure you that there are no circuits on the original control board that sense pressure. As originally configured the only indication of pressure are the two gauges on the control panel, one measuring feed pump pressure and the other measuring membrane housing pressure. I don't know if the new control board incorporates a pressure sensor or not since I don't have that board. If you have the original
board, it sounds like it is time to upgrade to the new board (About $750 last time I checked). On the original control panel, the amber lamp is an LED and so doesn't make any sound when blinking. The clicking you are hearing is undoubtedly one of the relays on the control board (located behind the control panel and accessed via the cockpit port lazarette, see photos section) that is opening and closing from some faulty circuit. Try recycling the system a couple of times and if it doesn't correct itself I would spring for the new board. The blinking and clicking has nothing to do with salinity or pressure, it is a faulty circuit (in my opinion). There are three relays on the control board. One controls the low pressure pump by controlling a large control relay in the control box, one controls the high pressure pump by similarly controlling a large relay in the control box, and one controls the bypass solenoid that sits on the top of the plumbing next to
the fresh water flow tube (see pictures in the Photos Section under my file on the Dessalator Water Maker). If the pumps are operating normally then the most likely relay clicking is the relay that controls the bypass solenoid. Gently tapping on the bypass solenoid or the relay might be a trouble shooting possibility. CAUTION, there are both 24 VDC and 220 VAC electricity in the control box, don't kill yourself if you aren't comfortable and knowledgable working on these types of circuits.

By all accounts the new board actually works as it is supposed to, whereas the original control board was totally bogus and didn't do anything other than sequence by a timer the start up sequence of the various pumps.

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona Amel SM 200 Hull # 335
Farmington UT

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Hi Amel family. KRISTY (1999 SM 243) has been idle in Brunswick, GA for the last 3 months. I've been flushing the watermaker membranes weekly as I have done in the past without problems. I finally got to take her out into some clean water this weekend, and when I turned on the watermaker the amber light on the control panel started blinking and clicking. All info I had at the time didn't tell me what the problem was, but since then I have downloaded the brochure from Dessalator's website. It says that a blinking yellow light means low pressure and that I should just crank up the pressure. I've always turned the unit on with the pressure reading zero and have never gotten this blinking light before. It's always run for two minutes with the solid yellow light, then switched to "good" with solid green light.

The brochure I downloaded just says to turn up the pressure, but since I wasn't doing anything different I was concerned that it might be something else. I checked the sensor on the fresh water side of the membranes and it seemed to be clean.

Any ideas?
Kent Robertson
S/V KRISTY 1999 Amel SM #243

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