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Jean Boucharlat

Hello Dave,

Just for the pleasure of going way back in time, I can confirm that early
Maramus were fitted with hanked-on genoas as well as standard reefing mains.
I bought my first Amel in 1981, a Maramu delivered in Ocober 1981, hull
number forgotten, and, here comes the bragging part, happen to be the first
owner who specified a furling genoa (not electric at the time).I had to
source it myself in the US from the now defunct Hood Systems and Amel fitted
it, reluctantly as they were not familiar with such systems. As always they
did an excellentjob of it.

To brag a litte more, I was also the first owner to require that they fit
handles to the sides of the cockpit shelter. After that everybody wanted
them and they soon made it a standard item.

All the best,

Jean Boucharlat

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Subject: [Amel] Amel history lesson

I had a pleasant surprise recently when I ran across an old Maramu brochure
in German. Our Maramu, hull #29, is featured in the brochure. This was
Henri's personal boat for 6 years and was named Maramu 3. In the picture on
page 7, we see the name on the stern.

Several years ago, someone in La Rochelle told me the boat originally came
with a hank on genoa. I thought perhaps he was mistaken, but the brochure
clearly shows the boat without a furler. When the second owner purchased the
boat in 1985, the yard fitted an electric Nirvana furler, which is still on
the boat.

If you wish to see the brochure, a copy is on my website -

In the event someone has a copy of this brochure, I would love to acquire

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