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Stefano Biffi

thanks for the info's, still thinking will be a heavy duty for me to move the raft also from inside the cockpit locker to the port side for an emergency escape route!

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We are circumnavigating aboard BeBe, SM387. We moved the life raft to the cockpit lazzerette, and have used the port deck locker to stow 10 jerry-cans of diesel with each one holding 18.9 liters. This gives us an extra 189 liters of diesel. We have never needed this extra diesel, but it makes us feel good to have 789 liters of diesel rather than just 600. Our longest non-stop passage was 3,000 miles. We used 234 liters on that passage, however on one 1,600 mile passage we used 400 liters.

Hopes this helps you decide where to place the life raft.


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Hallo more experience collegues, I'm going for the raft revision. I had in the standard position portside. Taking out I discovered how' s the weight! My question is if anyone of you have the slide outside or any secret to remove quickly in an emergency condition beside the force of the fear! Thanks

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