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Inviato: Venerdì 28 Settembre 2012 3:38
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this is the position of my liferaft (neglect my wife's "basilico"), much better.
In the port locker I put a couple of spare sails

Sorry I understand that no photo attachment is possible. My liferaft is behind mizzen mast, I put 4 wooden blocks glued with 3M 5300 marine adhesive, 25mm marine plywood, and 4 supports bolted on them (the ones used for the fuel tank in the dinghy), and the liferaft belted on them. After I covered it, only for aesthetics, with a red hood.


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Il giorno 28/set/2012, alle ore 00:39, Stefano Biffi <cptbiffi@...> ha scritto:

Hallo more experience collegues, I'm going for the raft revision. I had in the standard position portside. Taking out I discovered how' s the weight! My question is if anyone of you have the slide outside or any secret to remove quickly in an emergency condition beside the force of the fear! Thanks

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