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Stefano Biffi

Thanks to share your experience

Il giorno 01/ott/2012, alle ore 23:03, "joemac4sail" <joemac4sail@...> ha scritto:

I think the trick is to have the liferaft as close to the top of the locker as possible, the locker lid almost presses down on the liferaft canister. I then find that it is then easier to pull out from a standing position. I used a couple of beer crates modified to raise the liferaft to the lip of the locker and all it requires then is a short pull of a foot and tilting the canister, the lipthen takes a lot of the weight as it comes onto the deck.
Having said all that,once, early in my sailing career, fear became a factor in removing a liferaft from a cockpit locker at speed. While sailing a Benateau of the east coast of Ireland, we hit a rock at about 5 knots., Belive me when you have to, lifting a liferaft canister is no weight at all.
Regards Joe

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