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You may have seen a series of my questions followed by many recommendations to solve my Frigoboat Refrigerator intermittent cycle on/cycle off problem. At various times I thought I solved the problem by first replacing the thermostat, then the Danfoss compressor controller, then the 24vdc power controller.

To my utter amazement, I found that the "24vdc LOAD IN" to the refrigerator circuit breaker was never connected to the breaker, rather was touching the breaker terminal without being screwed to the breaker terminal.. Apparently and very intermittently, the contact was lost causing the Frigoboat 24vdc power controller to error and the red light blink 3 times which is a "Start Fail."

See the following photos for more:

This just goes to prove that you cannot take anything for granted. I should have checked the breaker connection first, but took it for granted as being done properly. Had I checked it first, I would have saved about $375.

Hope this helps someone.

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