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Jean Pierre,

It seems to me that after 6 years in the Amel Owner's Group (over 500 owners) there has been 2 reports of a failed C drive. At least 2 of the 3 failures that I know of (2 from this group and 1 other not reported in this group) came from increasing the power by 25-30% with a new engine. In two cases, even though the warranty had long expired, Amel provided some assistance and/or parts to repair the C Drive. In at least 1 case the problem was caused by, or aggravated by the fact that the mechanic had no idea what he was doing.

I also know about 7 Catamaran owners, and every one that I know has replaced at least 1 sail drive, with one of the owners having to replace the sail drive because it was damaged by fishing line penetrating the seal, causing it to lose oil. I know several Bavaria owners who have replaced the sail drive. I know owners of shaft-drive boats who have continuous issues with bearings, seals and alignment. I believe if you were able to accurately compare Amel's C Drive with all of the other methods of delivering propulsion to a propeller, you would find that the best option is the C Drive.

The C Drive has an advantage that many people never discuss. It allows a protected position of the propeller that you will not find on any other boat that I am familiar with. I do not remember any Amel owner reporting a damaged propeller. I have accidentally sailed/motored across lines without the line ever contacting the propeller.

There are many things to consider when buying an Amel. Every time I perform any maintenance, or a repair, I think about how little time I spend doing this. Amel is designed as you would design it after living on it for twenty years. I know that you know what I am talking about. I am almost never frustrated by any maintenance issue or repair problem. One day you will remove an installed component...any component from the refrigerator to the windlass control box and smile. You will be smiling because the person who designed your Amel, knew that someday you may have to remove that component.

I like the fact that most of the time I am enjoying life aboard BeBe #387, while friends are slaving away hours trying to repair, or replace something. I enjoy drinking a beer while they are working.

Oh, you asked what are the problems with SM's. There are two:

1.) You have to clean the port side more often because of the port side exhaust. But you probably know of the advantages of the port side exhaust.
2.) If you are 6 foot (1.8m), or taller, you will have bruises on your head until you get accustomed to the low clearance through the watertight bulkheads and the companionway head clearance to the hard-dodger.

You did not ask about the advantages...there are many.

Have you talked to or met Joel Potter? If not, send him an email at jfpottercys"at" Ask him any question, especially where to find a really good SM.

Good luck with your future Amel purchase.

BeBe, SM2k #387
Currently Fethiye, Turkey

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Jean Pierre,

I own a Maramu so we don't have the "C Drive", however if you look back in previous forum posts, you will find some instances where owners have had to replace or rebuild them. Some of these occurred because the boat was repowered with a more powerful engine which was too much for the drive. I think others may have been due to improper maintenance. Some of the SM owners will tell you what to check. My impression is they are reliable if properly cared for. It's certainly something you will want to learn more about before committing to the purchase of an older SM.

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Hello people,

My name is Jean-Pierre and I've sailed all my life. I have made an offer on a SM... 1990 but verily, in tremendous condition with very little use.

How little use? 2200 hours on the engine since the boat was delivered! 322 hours on the genset!

Now we'll be moving from South of France (SoF) to Sicily and Croatia then onto Gib, Tenerife, St Lucia and onwards to Tahiti etc....Living my dream....

Question: I've been told the dual 90 degree engine gearbox can cost a fortune to repair. Is this fact or fancy?

What are the common problems on SM's? Thank you for your comments.

Cheers to all,

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