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Greets SV BeBe, (Bill)

Having spent some time on this forum, I am already aware of your status as a "tech guru"… :-). I am sure you have been thanked for your efforts but I wish to add to the gang. Reading your clear and concise explanations has given me a better understanding of what I am getting into.

I asked about the C drive because the boat I am contemplating has had a major mod done to it: the first owner, obsessed by a C drive failure (far more free with his dosh than I) had the C drive removed, turned the engine around then installed a ZF gearbox with a shaft drive. I've asked for a complete description and list of each component used. I don't get it….

However, the boat is absolutely pristine. Even more so than my present Pegasus which is … by my standards… as new. So the vessel is worth considering though a bit more expensive than the rank and file SM.

Thank you for your comments… trying to choose between an Oyster and an Amel is difficult. The Oyster is prettier (opinion of course) but the Amel is more "user friendly"


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