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Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Ian,

Thanks for the comments. I've located a well used Oyster 54 but it would require extensive refit. I am considering other options including various Tayanas, Hylas, C & C, Van Den Stadt in alu and Najad.

A big question for me: what are the pros and cons of an SM vs SM2K… other than money differential. My problem is getting a definitive and accurate description of the improvements on the SM2K. If anyone has a complete list of the improvements from the SM to SM2K, please send it over!!!

For instance, the SM2K has a 3 zone AC/heating system and the genset is an Onan 3 Cyl (Yanmar engine) (1500rpm…. a very big plus for me as I want PEACE and QUIET!)

Lastly, the SM I'm contemplating does have a modified drive system; it uses a standard shaft drive. Looking at the ridiculous cost and complexity of the Amel C drive, the shaft drive seems a better mouse trap to me because of its simplicity and reliability. I could source, anywhere in the world, a new cutlass bearing, dripless shaft seal and shaft in 2 days for €500 …

Amel is very good but the over engineered gearbox and drive is a step backwards. To make matters more difficult, the SM I am considering is absolutely gorgeous after a refit with a light weight designer interior while retaining the Amel features worth keeping; eliminates catacomb feeling of Amel. This is a vessel with a difference and I could enjoy it without being annoyed by the dreary standard Amel interior.

I'll post photos if I buy it… me thinks all SM and SM2K owners may be jealous!

I hope I have not insulted anyone with my candid views. :-)


On 15 Oct 2012, at 08:52, Ian Shepherd wrote:

Jean Pierre,

just before I bought my Super Maramu, I examined an Oyster 54 at a boat
show. The president of Oyster USA was on board and when I finished my
tour he asked me if I would consider buying an Oyster. I said to him
that I was not in a position to do so as I had just ordered an Amel. He
smiled and quietly said 'A very wise choice'. I think that says it all.
The Oyster was twice the Amel price and not as well equipped.

Ian Shepherd SM2000 #414 Crusader Kalamaki Marina Athens - till I get
the rope off my prop and head east!

On 04/10/2012 13:08, Anne and John Hollamby wrote:

Hello Jean Pierre,
Interesting that the price of a non-standard engine/drive system is
above that of a genuine Amel. I think most of us would be unhappy at
the thought of changing the drive system. Over the past twelve years I
have only heard of one C drive failure.
My last boat was an Oyster 435 built 1985 and we sailed it extensively
with several Atlantic crossings and ten years in the Caribbean and the
South Pacific. We finally got rid of it because we were fed up with
the fact that we could never stop the leaks through the toe rail
fastenings and the main chain plates. The retiring Sales Director told
us that the chain plates leak problem was a design fault with that
model. Other defects included fridge insulation using exfoliated mica
which is good for loft insulation but is reduced to a sort of porridge
when soaked and freezer insulation with foamed glass which was open
cell and soaked up bilgewater to become useless as well. It is our
view that Oysters are brilliant at promoting their product but that
ours was very heavy and not suited to short handed sailing in the way
that Amel excels. Also when we got our SM2K in 2001 the cost was about
one third of the price of an Oyster 54.

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319

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Subject: [Amel] Questions

Greets SV BeBe, (Bill)

Having spent some time on this forum, I am already aware of your
status as a "tech guru"…> :-). I am sure you have been thanked for your
efforts but I wish to add to the gang. Reading your clear and concise
explanations has given me a better understanding of what I am getting

I asked about the C drive because the boat I am contemplating has had
a major mod done to it: the first owner, obsessed by a C drive failure
(far more free with his dosh than I) had the C drive removed, turned
the engine around then installed a ZF gearbox with a shaft drive. I've
asked for a complete description and list of each component used. I
don't get it…> .

However, the boat is absolutely pristine. Even more so than my present
Pegasus which is …> by my standards…> as new. So the vessel is worth
considering though a bit more expensive than the rank and file SM.

Thank you for your comments…> trying to choose between an Oyster and an
Amel is difficult. The Oyster is prettier (opinion of course) but the
Amel is more "user friendly"


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