Re: Improved ventilation

Naegels Patrick <naegels@...>

Hi Vito,

there are no real problems to install 1 or 2 aft cabin hatches, and
it's a good idea to increase ventilation.

Aft cabin deck (in bed part only)is free of wiring, you can make a
hole in where you need. The only tip is to place a wood frame
instead of foam between 2 GRP hides (external and internal deck
side). Just scrape foam deep enough to be sure that scews or bolts
fixing hatch will be into wooden frame.

Think maybe to put 2 hatches in opposite opening (bow to and stern
to), but avoid to put them in starboard to and port to. This is
really less efficient.

Another problem is to have enough courage to saw into your nice and
fautless aft deck ...


I would like to ask if anyone has found a way to improve
to the aft cabin. I am thinking of installing 2 hatches on the
overhead in the aft cabin. Has anyone done this? What are some of
problems or issues that I may face.

Thank You

Vito Ciaravino
ASM# 283

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