Re: New Owner of 2000 Super Maramu SM2K #289 - NIKIMAT

Mark Erdos


Congratulations! You have chosen wisely.

I hope that NIKIMAT delivers you safely to beautiful places all around the world.

Mark and Cindy
Cream Puff
SM #275

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Dear Forum members,

I have been dreaming of this moment for quite some time now.

I am the new owner of the 2000 Super Maramu SM2K #289 – NIKIMAT, (formerly known as Galacsea - was briefly named Baloa).

Many many thanks to everyone especially John (SV Notre Vie SM2K #391) who first show me his Super Maramu back in 2010, but also Bill (S/V Bebe SM2K #387), Danny and Yvonne (Ocean pearl SM #299), Kent (KRISTY SM #243), Ian & Judy Jenkins (Pen Azen SM #302), Mark (SM2K 331), Pat (SM 123), Serge (Opera Mango#51), Dave Benjamin (Maramu #29), Mike & Chris (Akwaaba Santorin 27), Lars (Salvagny, Santorin #79) on the forum (hope I didn't forget anyone) who spent their time to reply to my never ending questions. Many many thanks again.

I definitely plan on being very active on the forum, sharing my experiences.
Sincerely, Alexandre

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