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Hello Bill,
Thanks for contributing to this interesting subject. We are currrently insured with ACE but I am already looking at alternatives for our sabbatical (we have not left yet). Would you be kind enough to email me a copy of the insurance policy?
You have a good night.
SM "Zazen" #404, currently in Bear DE

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What I offered was an English version of the Groupama policy.

I will email it to you if you respond with your email address with an "at" instead of an @. Unfortunately Yahoo, does not transmit your entire email a request to me at crew"at"

What I am offering is not a price quote, but a copy of the policy language. Regarding the price quote, you need to contact: Françoise GODINEAU" Email: fgodineau"at"

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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I have an Italian flag and an Italian company to assure the boat, I'd like to compare my policy because I suppose I've some restrictions on it. my email is cptbiffi@... unfortunately my policy is written in italian but if you are able to read we can share

SM185 dry in Bocca di Magra

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We use Groupama who specialize in Amels. Groupma is a French company with offices in France and in St. Barts. It is a very good policy with great hurricane coverage and very reasonable rates. Email "Françoise GODINEAU" <fgodineau"at">, she is very, very good. Tell her that you want a policy like "BeBe" has.

You may have 1 or 2 problems qualifying with them:
1.) They do not insure US Flagged boats...But, they will insure a US Documented boat owned by a US citizen with a US address if the US Documentation has a hailing port of the USVI. BeBe's hailing port is St. Thomas, VI. For about $100, you can change your US Documentation to St. Thomas as a hailing port.

2.)The insurance will not cover your boat when it is in US Waters...USVI is not US waters to them.

I have a copy of the policy in English if you think you can qualify.

Let me know what else you need from me.

BeBe, SM2k #387
Currently Fethiye, Turkey

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I use the same French insurance as Bill (S/V Bebe SM2K #387)
They have a program especially for Amel. 
I talked directly to Mr Geoffroy de Lasse.
Sincerely, Alexandre

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We use Al Golden of Jack Line here in the US A for all oceans insurance his email is mail@
phone: 1 (410) 827-3757

Richard on SM 209 for sale in Annapolis 603 767 5330

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Subject: [Amel] Lemma Insurance Bankruptcy

I have had my Amel SM insured with Lemma Insurance (Lemma Europe Insurance Company) through Bill Coats at Offshore Risk Management of Florida. On 17 Oct 2012 I received an eMail from Offshore Risk Management indicating that Lemma Europe is in liquidation and that, while my policy is in force, there is a strong possibility that there be insufficient funds to pay future claims.


I have roughly 1/4th of my annual $US 6,500 premium tied up in this now bankrupt company.

I would welcome any thoughts from the readership on different brokers or insurance companies. I feel like I need to secure alternative insurance soon, just in case. I think I will go with a USA company since things look so bleak for Europe right now (not that they are all that great for the USA).

My boat is on the hard in a cradle in Jolly Harbor Antigua. We have kept the boat in the hurricane box for each of the last 6 years. The one time we brought the boat out of the box was to Florida where we had 3 hurricanes come close, one within 60 miles of our boat, while there. We finally went back to the Caribbean where we have felt safer from hurricanes.

Thanks for your input.

Gary Silver
Amel SM 335

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