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Very few people who buy sailboats ever do any serious cruising. That being said, the water line on an Amel is in the perfect position. The problem is when you start putting things on board that you know or you think will need when cruising, or like me ,can't throw any thing away because I might need it someday. The longer you cruise the more "stuff" you accumulate. I have seen cruising boats that have so much gear on board they look like a floating ad for West Marine. I know some cruisers that have raised their water line 3 times since they left to go cruising. My wife and I started cruising 38 years ago. If you needed something you had to take it with you as the entire Caribbean didn't have a marine store, and don't even think about the Pacific, without bringing plenty of parts. Today there or stores all over. My wife says I have the old school mentality. But it's hard to change. I've got 2 dinghies, 2 out boards 4 Anchors 1/2 ton of spare parts, 350 feet of chain, 6 cases of wine, winter clothes, summer clothes,etc.etc. Last year after stocking up at the duty free store, I told my wife we would have to drink faster or raise the water line. She said it was more healthy to raise the water line, which we did. Now we finally got rid of the telltale orange and have a beautiful red water line. The next time you hawl the boat, mark the dirty scun line where the boat sits in the water. This will be your new water line. Any yard painter can do this work. John "Moon Dog" SM 248To:
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 10:04:55 +0000
Subject: [Amel] SM waterline

I don't know about any one else but much as I love these boats I am fed up of the fact that they float stern down.... or perhaps the waterline was put in the wrong place at build?! When I lived in N Europe it wasn't too much of a problem but now I am in the tropics its impossible to keep her stern clean. Has any one had thier SM's water line raised at the stern, if so by how much, and was it dificult removing the orange stripe that is in the gelcoat?

I look forward to your comments

Graham Boyd


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