Sharki Information ?


Hello Fellow Amel enthusiasts.

While I have been lurking on this list for some time, I am only now a legitimate member as
I have finely acquired an Amel of my very own. She is a Sharki laying in Fort Lauderdale,
FL, USA. She is in need of some work and I am looking forward to making her my own. I
know from keeping up with this list that it is full of great people with great ideas and I
would love to hear from any of you any time. Of particular interest to me are tips and
tricks specific to the Sharki and her systems.

It would be very helpful to have as much first hand information about the original
systems as posable. I would love to get my hands on some schematics, wiring diagrams,
plumbing diagrams, architectural plans and a complete spec list for the 1980 Sharki. Is
there any anybody out there that might have some leads on this.

I have posted some photos to my own site because I know how much I have enjoyed
looking at other people's Amels.
Some of you may remember her from this list as "Amedee" I am still waiting for her new
name to come to me in a dream.

-North Pitney
Sharki Hull#30

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